Driving Business Growth

Are you at a stage with your business where you need more support or better management information to help you grow or run your business?

SYKAM can help. Using Stuart’s past experience as both a Finance Director and Managing Director of multiple companies – an impartial eye and a removed viewpoint can help you to spot opportunities to grow your profits.

Revenue Streams

Many businesses find that after a few years it feels as though no matter what they try their bottom line stubbornly refuses to grow. At times like this we have helped small businesses to identify their most profitable revenue streams and re-evaluate their product and service potential. At the same time we have assisted in examining costs and overheads and focusing on efficiency, which has helped these businesses to greatly improve their growth rates.   

Management Information

Timely and relevant management information is key to help you run your business. We can help with Management Accounting, analysing and identifying key drivers and key performance indicators in your business to help you achieve this.

The service that we offer will be tailored to your needs and budget, and offers a flexible solution not always available to small businesses.

Fundraise To Grow

SYKAM have worked with a number of businesses to successfully raise finance, both via Crowdfunding and more traditional means. If you need helping to produce the financial forecasts to support fundraising campaigns, prepare business valuations and assist with investor queries, you can lean on SYKAM’s experience.

Larger companies might also be interested in Stuart’s Business Planning For Fundraising services.

Your Outsourced Finance Director

Although the Finance Director (FD) role is a critical one, small businesses cannot usually afford a full-time person. With long-term clients, Stuart is happy to provide a variety of important business advisory services – some clients have described him as their ‘out-sourced FD!’

Stuart has worked alongside Sogud for several years. He’s provided Financial Director input into the company as well as serving as a Non Executive Director on our Board.

The advice and expertise provided by Stuart enabled Sogud to raise £164,000 funding via Crowdcube inn 2018. He helped us do our company valuation, handle financial queries from investors and develop a financial strategy.

Stuart’s support and experience has been invaluable to our company.

Terrie Petrie MD
Sogud Ltd